How to Enroll

Program Information and Enrollment

The Stellantis Digital Program Information and Enrollment application available via Dealer Connect, provides a convenient and secure place to manage all of your digital enrollments.

Enrollment Application Features

Dealers must cancel existing providers through VIP to be able to enroll with new providers for the same services.

  • View current or past enrollments using DealerConnect
  • Manage your Stellantis Digital Advertising budgets
  • Enroll directly through the application

Enrollment is Easy!

Important note: Cancellations must be authorized by emailing VIP at:

  1. Check your current enrollments
  2. Select your Program Category and Provider
  3. Select your Packages and Add-Ons and Enroll
  4. Receive your confirmation email

For more information, contact the VIP Dealer support centre at or 1-877-344-1227.